Your Personalized Doula Services

Highly Responsive and Adaptive

Affordable Prices and Payment Plans

Mobile, Virtual & In-Home Care when you need it.


  Labor Amour' Package


3 - Prenatal Sessions

On Call Labor Support

In Home and In Hospital Labor Support

2 - In Home Postnatal Session

    Labor Adore' Package


Prenatal Coaching & Education

Planning for Birth, Written Wishes, etc.

1- Post-Birth Processing/Counseling Meeting

    Placenta Encapsulation


In-person or phone consultation

Raw or Steamed method placenta preparation

Unlimited emotional and informational support

Optional umbilical cord keepsake

  Postpartum Blessingway


Massage, Herbal Soak, Wrapping & Healing Teas

Post-birth Processing and Counseling

Add'l therapeutic techniques provided as needed.

   Postpartum Swaddle Package

       $200 / night | $35 / hour

Customized, In-Home Baby Education

Newborn Sleep Assistance

Assist in "Greening" Home for Baby

Informational & Emotional Advocacy

        Lactation Bonding

             $150 / visit

On-Call 24/7 Breastfeeding Support

In-Home and First Arrival Consultations

Milestone and Weaning Support

Special Needs Infant Feeding Care


A Note from Our Founder...


My passion as a birth professional is to create a positive experience for both families, children and babies. To this end, I have experience and schooling in Social Work. I have received my Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Masters in Human Services. 

My desire is to learn and develop professionally while helping others. In my past experiences working with today's teen mothers, I have tried and succeeded in finding creative ways to keep clients motivated during the learning process. I believe in gentle persistence to overcome clients' resistance to meeting and attaining their birth goals. By providing emotional support to clients, I have been able to bolster self-esteem, reinforce socially acceptable behaviors, teach and reinforce thoughtful decision-making.

As a Birth Doula servicing the Metro Atlanta area, certified in Labor, Epi, Lactation and Postpartum, my priority is working within the Black community, with low-income, POC, & LGBTQ families, providing a safe space for all family dynamics. 

Thank You for visiting my site and I look forward to working with you to make your birthing experience a wonderful experience.

~ Kaci Griffin, CLD, CPD, CLSE, EpiDoula


Keri V. ~ Atlanta, GA.

I felt supported through my entire labor. When I doubted my strength, Kaci pushed me to keep going. I stuck with my birth plan as long as I could, when I had nothing left and was exhausted Kaci reminded me that I knew my body and made me feel at peace with the decision I was so reluctant to make. Kaci brightened my labor even though my journey was long and rough. Thank You.

Client Testimonials

Jakayla B. ~  Atlanta, GA.

I very so much enjoyed my experience with Labor with Kaci! What I enjoyed most is that Ms. Kaci was always there and very helpful. When I was in labor she did any and everything to make me feel comfortable. Ms. Kaci coached me through every contraction and was just very supportive and understanding. For hours she helped me welcome a very healthy baby boy. If you're expecting to go into labor with Kaci she is the best and I enjoyed every bit of it, and would do it again. Thanks for everything! 

Nicole D. ~ Alpharettta, GA.

Laboring with Kaci was such an amazing experience for me and my family. Kaci is engaging, personable, and so very encouraging. She not only supported me during labor but was a huge support to my husband as well. I couldn't imagine my birthing experience without her!






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